Inferno Demon Hunter Build

Inferno Demon Hunter Build submitted by Unknown.

The demon hunter build I use has worked rather nicely for me.

Hungering arrow with any rune you want to generate hatred. (any of the 4 primary skills would works here I personally prefer the hungering arrow though)

Elemental Arrow-ball Lightning for area damage to be able to hit large groups of enemies.

Sentry I have found to be very helpful for damage. I can just kite around the monsters and continue to do a large amount of damage to the mobs.

Vault to get away from the monsters when they get close to me.

Impale-Chemical burn does pretty much the most damage out of the skills and is very easy to use.

Preparation-battle scars I use pretty much just for the epic heal that Battle scars runes give you.

Passives: brooding, custom engineering, archery

Brooding for the extra healing for the reflect damage monsters with the Sentry's guardian rune and preparation I don't have too much trouble with them.

Custom engineering so I can have 3 sentries instead of 2 which is helpful for killing monsters.

Archery is for the 15% bonus damage for having a bow. but you can also use to for crossbows rather nicely for the increased crit.

With the sentries you can practically just run around the mobs near the sentries and win the fights (unless they are reflect damage because they don't give you the life on hit or life off of damage effect).

I hope this was helpful to you and thank you for reading it.