Word from Blizzard about Dataming, Nerfs, and Patch 1.0.5

Bashiok has confirmed via email that a build of 1.0.5 is coming up on the downloader soon, but they suspect that the only changes that will be accessible via datamining are the inbound nerfs. However these nerfs are offset by "other changes" that won't be reflected in the build.

They're working on a blog post, but dataminers are faster.These nerfs aren’t what they appear, and a blog is incoming to explain the full changes being made in 1.0.5

So, note that you likely will see some big nerfs coming soon, but stay calm and wait for the blog post.

What we know for sure:
  • Trail of Cinders is having it's damage reduced
  • Major changes to how CC, and possibly demi-CC (slow, etc.) will work.
Things that we might suspect / fear / hope for:
  • Fix to the follower MF bug (it lets your MF exceed 300% now, and blizzard has stated that is not intended. Itmight just be a display bug at the moment, very hard to test)
  • Something to take tornado barbs down a notch
  • Better legendary drop rates (they've hinted that they might notch it up in the future a few times, and even at 300 MF / 84% movement speed it still feels anysmally low)
  • Possible follower re-balancing
  • Fixes to some legendaries (Unity/Nagelring/a few others don't drop, some don't seem to be able to roll the way the data suggests - Mempo of Twilight never rolls a large primary stat despite teh game guide and datamining saying it will (http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/mempo-of-twilight), it's possible that legendaries getting 2 sockets is a bug (since other legendaries with a guaranteed socket can't roll an additional one), etc.).
  • Social improvements (chat channels, guilds, etc.?)
What we know won't be in 1.05:
  • PVP (slated for 1.1)