More Patch 1.0.5 Details Revealed

Here is more information about Patch 1.0.5 from a recent interview with Jay Wilson.
  • In Patch 1.0.5, before players start the game, they can adjust the difficulty by choosing the setting on screen between 0-10. The higher the number, the higher the monster's life and damage.
  • Note that the Monster Power system setting CANNOT be adjusted in-game; it must be set at the beginning prior to starting the game.
  • The Monster Power system will increase both the quantity and quality of items and gold drops.
  • Through Infernal Machine, players will be able to obtain powerful account-bound legendary rings.
  • There are rumors saying that PVP will be unlocked only through DLC, which is false. PVP arena will be added in the form of a patch update and will not require any additional purchase.