Monk 1.0.4 Guide

Here is another Diablo 3 guide submitted by Nmitty, this time it's all about the 1.0.4 Monk. You can find the builds he uses below the video. Be sure to check out his Youtube Channel for more Diablo 3 guides.

Description: Hello once again my fellow Monks! I've created an updated 1.0.4 guide with a few different spec variations, how to gain that extra bit of dps and my thoughts and review on the 1.0.4 changes and how they have changed the Monk class.

Gear Link:

Spec 1:!aXU!bcbYca

Spec 2:!cXU!acbYba

Spec 3:!aXU!acbYca

Dodge Spec:!dXU!acbYcc

Monk Patch Notes:

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