Witch Doctor 1.0.4 Guide

Here is another Diablo 3 guide submitted by Nmitty, this time it's all about the 1.0.4 Witch Doctor and it contains specs, play styles, tips, tricks and patch note discussion. You can find the builds he uses below the video. Be sure to check out his Youtube Channel for more Diablo 3 guides.

All specs can be altered to suit playstyle, if you're going to swap your main skill Corpse Spiders with Leaping Spider or Blazing Spider runes are very effective.

Stats + Gearing:
See the original WD guide at:

Main DPS Spec:

Summon Spec:

Note: While this summon spec works, if you want a more powerful 1.0.4 Witch Doctor Pet build, check out the Witch Doctor 1.0.4 Pet Guide.

Sacrifice Spec:

Live Stream Link: