Magic Find Blog and Patch 1.0.4 Next Week

Looks like the last of the Patch 1.0.4 blogs will be posted next week right before Patch 1.0.4 is released.

Blizzard blue tracker: August 17, 2012.

Magic Find Blog:

What do you say to the god of blogs? “Not today.” Or, you know, something like that.

In other, less stark terms: we’ve already published six blogs this week, so Jay’s Magic Find update is currently scheduled for next week. I hate being the party pooper here, but I also don’t want you to sit there and spam F5 all day.

Soon, though!

Patch 1.0.4

Bashiok has confirmed via twitter that Patch 1.0.4 will be available next week.

The original tweet can be found here.

@Bashiok hey bash, happy Friday! Is the patch next week on 8/21 or 8/28? Not really sure how to count weeks in August :p

@Humpty06 The fourth week of August is next week, but of course anything could happen.