1.0.4 Known Issues List

Below you will find the Known Issues list for our 1.0.4 patch. Please do not report bugs that you see on this list as we already know about them, and help out other players reporting bugs by referring them to this list. 

As a reminder, this list will not list every bug that is active in the patch. What it is listing are issues that are active and confirmed as bugs by Quality Assurance. In addition, potential exploits and the like will never be listed here.

For reference, the 1.0.4 Patch Notes can be found here. Thanks guys!

  • The text for achievement "Swing that Bloody Hammer!" says to craft items with the following 15 properties, but there are only 14 properties listed.

Auction House
  • Chance on Hit items are not returned correctly when using the Min Value filter.

  • The Paragon Portrait is not centered on the fanfare for Paragon Portrait unlock.

  • Dead hardcore characters display their headstone on the minimap.

  • If you are feared while channeling a movement skill power (Teleport, etc), you will be unable to use said power after fear wears off.

  • Demon Hunter - Rapid Fire: Starting a channel at max possible range can cause the channel to interrupt itself and attempt to close towards the mouse cursor.

  • Demon Hunter - Rapid Fire: The stream of arrows may not be synced with the Demon Hunter's position in multiplayer.

  • Demon Hunter - Strafe: Drifting Shadow can cause you to rubber band at low hatred when casting it with high attack speed and/or latency.

  • Demon Hunter - Strafe and Rapid Fire: Casting Rapid Fire while Strafe is active will not interrupt the Strafe attack.

  • Demon Hunter: Interrupting Strafe with Rapid Fire causes incorrect animation overlap and continues to channel Strafe.

  • Demon Hunter: By using Fan of Knives with a quiver equipped but no weapon, then equipping a weapon, you can bug out your DPS such that you deal no damage at all to anything.

  • Monk - Pacifism: When you are stunned and trapped by Diablo's Bone Cages, your damage isn't reduced by 75%.

  • Monk - Sweeping Wind: If you cast Sweeping Wind and then switch your weapon, Sweeping Wind does not update.

  • Witch Doctor - Zombie Handler: Zombie Handler's health buff does not dynamically update.

  • Witch Doctor - Zombie Charger: Casting Zombie Bears can cause some of them to fork off instead of going straight.

  • Witch Doctor - Firebomb: Roll the Bones variant can bounce through walls onto elevated terrain.

  • Witch Doctor - Firebats: Dire Bats projectiles can fire in unexpected directions when the mouse cursor is very close to the character.

  • Witch Doctor - Summon Zombie Dogs: Burning Dogs' DoT damage does not dynamically update with weapon changes.

  • Wizard - Magic Missile: When used by a Female Wizard with a two-handed weapon that shares the same animations as the 2h staff, the skill will fire a different direction depending on which animation variant plays.

  • Wizard - Hydra: If you have Life on Hit gear and your Hydra attacks the monster you will get no HP.

  • Wizard - Arcane Torrent: The on start and constant cast indicator effects do not match the rune variant colors.

  • Wizard - Arcane Dynamo: Casting Town Portal removes the buff granted by this passive.

  • Several of the new Legendary items allow you to equip them a few levels lower than Required Level on the tooltip states.

  • Ruby gems socketed to certain weapon types do not add the correct value to the weapon's maximum damage.

  • The Minimum/Maximum Damage affix is calculating the damage bonus on weapons incorrectly. Your DPS will be very slightly lower than what it should be when using Minimum/Maximum Damage affixes.

  • Diablo's Curse of Destruction does not specify damage type in the tooltip.

  • Arcane Sentries can become desynchronized with the beam effect.

  • Monsters with the Reflect Damage affix will reflect damage caused by Followers onto the player.

  • Act 1 - Highlands Passage: It is possible to break the event "A Reputation Restored : Kill Dargon and the Deranged Cultist" by starting from the Cursed Hold checkpoint and going back to Highlands Passage.

  • Act 1 - Highlands Passage: "A Reputation Restored : Kill Dargon and the Deranged Cultist" doesn't flag as complete if you kill Dargon while Kyr is playing his intro.

  • Act 1 - Decaying Crypt Level 2: Killing Father Rathe, Mother Rathe, and Little Jebby Rathe just as they spawn may cause "The Family of Rathe : Kill the Rathe family" to fail to update, preventing event completion.

User Interface
  • Casting a channeled skill from your hot bar by clicking and holding down the skill with your mouse pointer results in a network disconnect.

  • Switching from a Weapon to a Shield in your Offhand can cause your Attributes to show incorrect info for Damage.

  • It is possible for certain machines to experience "stuttering" when all of the game's assets are fully loaded. Our testing has concluded on this issue and Blizzard hopes to have this resolved in a future patch.

  • Running programs that put an overlay over Diablo III (such as Mumble, Xfire, and MSI Afterburner) can cause Diablo III to crash. Use these overlays at your own risk.