Replacing Your IAS Gear Guide

Here is a small guide on how to replace your IAS gear submitted by PL.

The days before the patch I saw it coming and replaced a lot of gear with crit/crit dmg instead of IAS except for my gloves which are insane.

I replaced my rings, ammy, etc with these guidelines.


I found that for me(may differ slightly for you):

1% ias = ~1% crit = ~8 Dex = ~7% crit damage

When I replace gear though  I  rounded the dex up to 10 dex to ensure it would be an adequate replacement. So the guideline  I  used was:

1% ias = ~1% crit = 10 Dex = 7.5% crit dmg

Using this I lost no damage and actually gained damage on most pieces so  I  figured  I  would share it for those looking to replace IAS gear.

For clarification these are a general guideline that worked for me to replace nerfed IAS items, experiment and find how these numbers need to be altered some as needed to fit your build, especially when it comes to crit and crit dmg as when i came around to these figured I was sitting at 24% crit with 100% crit dmg using a 2hand crossbow with archery passive on.