New and Upcoming Changes List

Thanks to Evo for compiling this list of new and upcoming changes in Diablo 3.

 Patch 1.0.3 Design Preview

 Yesterday's Full Q&A Transcript

Confirmations and Additional Patch 1.0.3 Info:
  • 'Shielding' affix is being nerfed: Monster's with this will cast the shield less often.
  • 'Invulnerable Minions' affix is being changed: Vulnerable Champion will now have less life and be easier to kill.
  • Mobs that flee will do so less often, including blue/yellow packs of fleeing Monsters.
  • Confirmed: Blacksmithing costs too will be reduced in 1.0.3.
  • Auctions may now be canceled at any time.
  • Componets of the Staff of Herding will stand out much more in the player's inventory.
  • Players have discovered every zone in the game (aka there's no unfound hidden level).
  • Confirmed: Holy, Fire, Cold, etc are purely aesthetic, with the exception of Cold, which does slow mobs but has reduced damage.
  • Confirmed: Whimsyshire drops ACT III/IV loot even after the 1.0.3 changes.

Future Patch Changes:
  • Custom chat channels.
  • Leaving a chat channel saves between joining and leaving game sessions.
  • Class changes and diversity (Trying for buffing underused skills/runes rather than nerfing good ones).
  • First time boss kills on difficulties higher then Normal will guarantee "first time loot".
  • 'Lock Action Bar' toggle is being added.
  • Gems, Health Potions and and Pages/Tomes may be changing in color to help them stand out.
  • Ability to Turn off the nameplates for white/grey items on the ground for high level characters.

Possible Future Changes (not confirmed):
  •  +Health to healthglobe items to increase health received from Potions.
  • Ability to see DPS/health changes much like in-game, also in the AH window.
  • There may be dueling implemented at some point.
  • Invisible mode for status.
  • Auto-Skip switch for in-game cutscenes.
  • More "on hit" procs, specifically on legendaries to make them feel more, Legendary, with a higher proc %.
  • Adding gems to blacksmithing to "force" a stat on crafted gear.
(Posted June 7, 2012)