Monster Affixes List

Here is the official Monster Affixes list by Blizzard from their game guide.

Monster Affixes

Below is a list of the monster affixes – unique monster powers – you’re likely to encounter in Diablo III. Take note:
  • You can identify most of a monster’s powers by looking at the text under its name.
  • Many affixes are restricted by the monster's level or the game's difficulty level (some affixes will not appear prior to a specific difficulty or on monsters below a certain level).
  • Affixes appearing in Normal difficulty are not exclusive to it or to low-level monsters – they can show up in Nightmare, Hell, and Inferno difficulties, too!
  • The number of affixes appearing on monsters increases in harder difficulties. Be careful!


One affix per monster
  • Desecrator: Desecrator monsters conjure burning pools of hellfire beneath your feet. These pools surge after a few seconds, dealing immense damage if you don’t move quickly to avoid them.
  • Electrified: Electrified monsters release bolts of electricity when struck, causing lightning damage on contact.
  • Frozen: Frozen monsters fill the air around them with exploding ice crystals. These explosions deal cold damage, slow, and freeze heroes caught in their blast radius.
  • Illusionist: Illusionist monsters create duplicates of themselves; these duplicates can deal damage while obscuring your true target.
  • Jailer: Monsters with the jailer affix can temporarily immobilize you. You are vulnerable to attack while immobilized, but you can escape by using certain defensive skills.
  • Knockback: Successful hits from monsters with knockback send you flying away from them, interrupting your attack and slowing your movement.
  • Missile Dampening: Missile dampening monsters project an aura that slows your incoming projectiles, making ranged attacks less effective.
  • Molten: Molten monsters trail burning lava wherever they walk. Shortly after they die, their bodies explode into high-damage gouts of fire.
  • Mortar: Monsters with the mortar affix lob volatile globes of fire that can deal extreme damage to you at range. Move close to avoid their attacks.
  • Nightmarish: Successful attacks from nightmarish monsters can cause you to lose control of your character and flee for a few seconds.
  • Plagued: Plagued monsters leave toxic puddles in their footsteps. Standing in these puddles – even to attack the plagued – will deal increasing amounts of poison damage.
  • Reflect Damage: Monsters with this affix deal a portion of the damage they take back to their attackers.
  • Shielding: Shielding monsters can conjure a temporary magic shield that makes them immune to damage.
  • Teleporter: Monsters with the teleporter affix can disappear and reappear in different locations on the screen at will, both to make surprise attacks and to escape.
  • Vortex: Monsters with the vortex affix can pull you towards them, interrupting your attacks and keeping you dangerously close.
  • Waller: Monsters with the waller affix create walls that can trap you or block your path to the monster summoning them. Summoned walls will vanish after a few seconds – if you can afford to wait.


Up to two affixes per monster
  • Arcane Enchanted: Arcane enchanted monsters cause additional arcane damage with their attacks and summon rotating beams of arcane energy which deal significant damage.
  • Extra Health: Monsters with extra health have substantially more Life (and, hence, survivability) than normal for monsters of their type.
  • Fast: Fast monsters move and attack much more quickly than their normal counterparts. They excel at chasing you down when you’re wounded and use their increased speed to move around the battlefield.
  • Fire Chains: These monsters are linked together by chains of fire that burn anything they touch. Killing individual monsters in the group limits the length and mobility of the chain.
  • Horde: Hordes of monsters don’t gain any particular abilities, but groups with the horde affix are larger than normal for their type.
  • Vampiric: Vampiric monsters feed off of your injuries. They recover a portion of all damage they deal as Life.


Up to three affixes per monster
  • Avenger: Monsters with the avenger affix grow in power as other monsters in their group are slain – they can increase in damage, attack speed, total life, and other attributes.


In Inferno difficulty, monsters can have up to four affixes.