EHP & DPS Spreadsheet

This EHP and DPS spreadsheet was submitted by Lupos.

New and improved version of my old EHP spreadsheet. By now, everyone probably knows the value of tools like this, so I won't go into a lengthy explanation, but just show how to use this:
  1. first "File → Make a copy...", to get write access;
  2. edit Character, Character level, Monster level;
  3. edit all equipment stats, you don't have to sum anything together, simply enter them as you see on your item (except for gems, add stats from them to the item stats);
  4. check that calculated values (gray tables) match what you see in game;
  5. enter stats from a new item to the right of current item stats and note how your survivability and damage changes;
  6. optionally, edit formulas in the gray tables, to account for various buffs (e.g. for enchantress +15% armor skill, edit U9 to "=T9*1.15" and W9 to "=V9*1.15");
  7. optionally, press "Diablo → Rank equipment" from the top menu and those two colors, to the right of item names, will change, to reflect how good each item is at defense and offense.
Now you have to enter weapon Base Attack Speed and IAS, because Attack Speed that's shown on weapons is rounded and won't give accurate result. Thanks tetracycloide, mmatia, wickermoon. Only formulas in B69, C69, B72, C72, B84, C84 were changed, so you can try and copy them over to your spreadsheet.

Once you made a copy, please close the original document, so that other people can access it, Google allows only so few people to view it at the same time. I made three copies, in case anyone still can't access it: 123.