Blizzard on Legendary Buffs

Looks like we will be seeing legendary items buffed after Patch 1.0.3. Why it couldn't make it into the patch, is beyond me.

Blizzard Blue Tracker: (June 15, 2012)

Saw how #D3‬ Legendary buffs are coming along, and was pleasantly surprised by how much cooler/better/more interesting they're going to be. (Source)

When you say Legendaries will be buffed, does that include Set items or no?
Set items technically are Legendary items, they just have a set bonus. So, yes. :) (Source)

Don't tease me like that man!! And it's only for NEW drops, not old ones?
Correct. (Source)

is there any chance at all you we can get a quick/small/super tiny preview/basic idea of one? -puppy dog eyes-
Yeah but it'll be after 1.0.3, and something we'll want to coordinate as a global blog post (or similar). (Source)

Are they at least 20% cooler?
22.8% cooler! (Source)

To expand further, how is 1.0.3 coming along?
Quite well. Legendary changes won't be in 1.0.3, though. (Source)

More interesting eh? Do they have more non-standard stats or something?
:D You'll have to wait and see. (Source)

more $$$$ from sales!! Gotta feed that Activision cash cow!!
Yeah, I expect that to be the reaction for just about any change we make in the game now. Sad. (Source)

meaning shortly after information is released an outcry for legendaries to be nerfed. You will never please the unpleasable.
What if I buy them a few drinks and run my fingers through their hair? (Source)