Prevent Getting Hacked: Securing Your Computer and Account

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Securing your Computer and Account

Here is a guide on how to secure your computer and account and keep them safe, guide submitted by z1hix.

I thought it might be an idea to share some basic tips and tools for securing your computer in-case people are unsure how to do so.

Note: Below is not an exhaustive list of security measures, please post alternatives/improvements if you know them and I'll keep this post updated.

Authenticators! - Its the easiest and really only thing you can do directly to your account, if you have a smart phone its free. I'm guessing most people know about this anyway but i don't think it can be said enough, obviously this doesn't protect your computer in any way.
Anti-malware: Malware (for the uninitiated) tends to be scripts picked up through browsing which vary in severity from reporting websites you have visited to logging key presses and reporting those. You have got preventative and reactive methods of protection from this.
  • Preventative: To keep your system becoming infected keep everything up to date. This means browser, plug-ins (flash for example), java and any bolt on you have to the actual browser itself. Use a more secure browser,Chrome and Firefox having proven to be less vulnerable to attacks. Additionally both browsers have an ad-blocker plugin, install this even if the only effect is to get rid of adverts its a plus.
  • Reactive:Even with the most extreme caution in the world your system will become infected with malware at some point, to remove it will require a 3rd party tool. Tip of the trade - don't pay for malware removal programs, at best they dont out perform free options, at worst they are a scam.
At the moment i use two programs together,
Both are free (or have free scans) and are frequently updated. Unlike virus scanners having multiple malware programs is okay. Regular immunisation/scans with these two will remove and prevent most malware.
Anti Virus: For those wanting to know Virus tend to be more complex than malware but effectively its the same thing, a program designed to do something to your computer you don't want it to, this can include reporting back account information.
Importantly there are free virus scanners that are just as effective as paid versions, for home use paying for a virus scanner is unnecessary.
Pick one, essentially they are the same thing and i have used both but prefer Avg as it seems to use less system resources.