Monk Build

Another monk build by Cthulhica.

Just put this dps build together earlier tonight and have run A1 and 2 NM with it so far.

Pop Sweeping Wind to start, go in with runed FoT, switch to CW afterfor AoE, get Blazing Wrath proc'd from you're low-cd heal and then dump spirit in to the Overawe mantra bonus and 7-Sided.

Transcendence is a must for heals. I feel like Beacon of Ytar is also huge, as it lowers the cd on your hardest hitting ability and your main dps buff/heal. Not really sure what I'll be using at 60...

Timing is everything for this build. It took me awhile to really get the hang of it;
If you can stack up enough spirit to use 7-sided immediately after you proc the 24% dmg bonus from the mantra, while Blazing Wrath and Sweeping wind are also proc'd/stacked, epic crits ensue. I was doing more damage than my friend's DH against NM Butcher.

Beware, this is kind of a glassy build. STAY OUT OF THE FIRE (and other ground AoE's), try to predict and manually avoid heavy boss attacks. Do not try to heal yourself through heavy damage.

If you want to solo with this build, bring the Scoundrel with you if you do for max dps. Otherwise, bring a barb or a monk tank.