Diablo 3 Stuttering Issues to be Resolved

Blizzard Blue Tracker (5/27).

I have good news for those of you affected specifically by the stuttering caused by hard drive read rates. Our engineers are hard at work on this issue and it should be fixed in an upcoming patch. At this time I can't promise which upcoming patch the fix will make it into, so please don't despair if a patch rolls out and the issue continues. We'll develop the fix, get it tested, and put it into a patch as quickly as we safely can. 

I mention the "testing" part because as we've learned in the past, nothing is worse than rushing a fix that breaks something even worse in the process. If any of you are longtime WoW players you might recall an old PTR patch for Burning Crusade where we fixed the special attack of a monster in the Barrens. The reason that fix was memorable is that the same code change also broke the biggest boss fight (Illidan) that was in the game at the time! It's an extreme example, but it highlights why we have to thoroughly test our fixes before we push them to your computers. It's a good thing! :)

We absolutely hate it when people can't play our games properly, and we're doing our best to slay this particular dragon as quickly as can. Thank you again, and happy demon hunting to all.