Diablo 3 Level 60 Solofarming Guide - Gearing up for Inferno

Diablo 3 Level 60 solofarming guide by el_blacksheep.

Description: For those of you who will be getting to Inferno soon, or are having trouble keeping Nephalem's Valor up, this is a little video of my barb successfully running through act 4 hell without having to switch my specs around.

My Build: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/barbarian#WQPXYV!bcd!cZZYZc


  • Starts off with a bit of confusion as I struggle to remember to set the quest to Act 4 Quest 1. I get that fixed, then forget to set difficulty to Hell. Oh boy.
  • I get into the thick of things, then realize I forgot to bring a follower along. Oops. I get that corrected.
  • I get my 5 stacks of valor up and enjoy the spoils.
  • Strategy: Most things go down to Frenzy while my life leech keeps me alive. In larger groups, Revenge and Overpower become necessary to keep my health up. In huge groups, I leap in to draw them together, then ground stomp to stun everything and draw them even closer, so overpower and revenge hit everything. Wrath of the berserker is generally saved for champions/elites and bosses.
  • I get tired of trying to look at newly dropped loot instead of fighting, then I figure it out; link the item to chat! Then I can keep the item displayed while I fight 
  • Minor Spoilers Warning. Izual fight goes surprisingly well: in my previous run, I died 4 times before finally beating him with a shrine up. Instead of using leap to initiate, I use it to dodge the ice. Being frozen is extremely painful in this fight.
  • Minor Spoilers Warning. Diablo fight goes just as well as the Izual fight. I start the fight by the health shrine just in case I slip up, but phase 1 is pretty simple so I save WotB. In phase 2, the barb clone can kill me very easily so I make sure to throw just about everything I have at it. At phase 3, now I have to worry about the lightning hose of deathtm but everything goes well and Diablo goes down, showering me with blues and yellows.