Diablo 3: How to Powerlevel like a Pro, Lv 50-60 in 9 Hrs

Another power leveling guide:

Crimson King just posted a new video detailing how to powerlevel in Diablo 3 and gain crazy amounts of XP! You can get 135k exp every 5 minutes and go from level 50 to level 60 in less than 9 hours.

How to powerlevel like a Pro:

Leveling in hell is a pain if you don't have twinked or highly overpowered items/competent teammates; the exp is incredibly slow since the exp increase is at best incremental when compared to the difficulty//hp increase with respect to mobs.

Most people on forums e.g. JSP started charging ridiculous amounts of currency (fg [forum gold] ) and I got tired so I eventually figured out through the help of others that the "secret" method for optimizing leveling is to simply run a series of quests from a3 (end) until a4 (1st quest).

Running the last A3 quest/subquest gives you a few champions/elites to take out, Azmodan, and 2 Quest rewards (44,000 exp each; 88,000 exp total). A4 Q1 equates to a boss fight + another 44,000 ish exp.
Overall, these runs are incredibly short and average sub-5 minutes for most people. Experience in d3 is static and not contingent upon your heroes' level unlike the d2 system so this is incredibly useful for any player.

When you optimize runs that are ~4 minutes, you can easily powerlevel much quicker than any other method in the game at the moment.

Some people consider this a "glitch" but I think it's pure sensationalism/ idiocy since this is a much slower and legitimate version of ubers from d2 since no part of the game is maliciously altered; you don't get super drops past the first time you kill a boss and the only thing possibly "manipulated" [up for debate] is the constant cycling of quest rewards.

Tl;dr Hell = poop, NM = not poop

Note: Just discovered a pattern about Azmodan that shaves off a few seconds. If he spawns those totems or whatever they're called, just ignore them and focus him. If Azmodan goes sub 50% health-ish, they disappear automatically so focus fire him the entire time if your dps is sufficiently high.

Note 2: Mobs suck for exp. I had trouble skipping them since they kept squishing me so I changed my skills to electrocute, incinerate, teleport, slow time, diamond armor, energy armor.

Note 3: This is nightmare mode for anyone who is confused.