Diablo 3 Dungeon Zones List

Diablo 3 Dungeon Zones List submitted by Unknown.

Act I

Old Tristram Road

  • The Cave Under the Well
  • Damp Cellar
  • Dank Cellar
  • Mass Grave
  • Musty Cellar

Old Tristram

  • Dark Cellar
  • Quality Well (Easter egg dungeon)

The Weeping Hollow

  • Den of the Fallen

The Forsaken Cemetery

  • Development Hell (Super rare Easter egg dungeon, Final Boss awards Feat of Strength)

Fields of Misery

  • Decaying Crypt
  • House of Curios
  • Lost Mine
  • Scavenger's Den
  • Tinker's Hovel
  • Pillaged Home
  • Farmer's Cellar

Southern Highlands

  • Abandoned Servant House
  • Cave of the Moon Clan
  • Farmer's Cellar
  • The Lyceum (currently bugged)

Northern Highlands

  • Watch Tower

Leoric's Hunting Grounds

  • Highlands Cave

Act II

Howling Plateau

  • Abandoned Mineworks
  • Faud's Cellar
  • Sirocco Caverns

Black Canyon Mines

  • Blood Cellar
  • Deserted Cellar
  • Tunnels of the Rockworm (after defeating a unique rockworm inside a Deserted Cellar)

Stinging Winds

  • The Crumbling Vault (and Vault Treasure Room)
  • Hadi's Claim Mine
  • The Ruins
  • Chamber of the Lost Idol
  • Abandoned Cellar


  • Alcarnus Cellar
  • Sandy Cellar
  • Town Cellar

Dahlgur Oasis

  • Ancient Cave
  • Flooded Cave
  • The Forgotten Ruins
  • Mysterious Cave (available after saving Zaven the Alchemist)
  • Old Fisherman's Cellar
  • Ransacked Cellar
  • Rotting Cellar
  • Storage Cellar
  • Storm Cellar
  • Swampy Cellar
  • Tomb of Khan Dakab
  • Tomb of Sardar

Desolate Sands

  • Cave of Burrowing Horror (after defeating a unique rockworm Zaitan the Broodmother)
  • Vile Cavern
  • The Veiled Treasure (Possibility of the Ancient Device)
  • The Fowl Lair (after having used the Ancient Device)


The Arreat Gate

  • Fortified Bunker
  • The Barracks

The Battlefields

  • Battlefield Stores
  • The Foundry
  • Cryder's Outpost
  • The Forward Barracks

Fields of Slaughter

  • Caverns of Frost
  • Icefall Caves

Rakkis Crossing

  • Bridge Stores
  • The Underbridge

Act IV

Gardens of Hope 2nd Tier

  • Blessed Chancel
  • Holy Sanctum
  • Radiant Chapel
  • Sacellum of Virtue