Demon Hunter Hell Tips

Here are some tips for getting your Demon Hunter through hell by Prometheus.

Hungering Arrow - Puncturing Arrow
Multishot - Fire at Will
Vault - Tumble
Caltrops - Hooked Spines
Smoke Screen - Lingering Fog
Preparation - Focused Mind
Steady Aim
Cull the Weak
Tactical Advantage

Let's you respond to pretty much any situation, but you do take a slight single-target DPS hit. I find the sustained 230% WD from HA enough. Your mileage may vary.

I use Caltrops to deal with most melee enemies, unless they are *extremely* fast; that's time for Smoke Screen. If there are only a few ranged projectiles to avoid at a time, I'll generally Vault around to save on Disc relative to Smoke Screen. And if !@#$ hits the fan, Smoke Screen, especially for those damned Soul Rippers.

One thing I recommend is to use your time while SS'd to run away (shoot and scoot) rather than standing still and just chain-SSing. You'll buy yourself more time that way. As for immunity shield ones, if you get Fast+Shielding...make lots of room, because you're going to be running and kiting for A LONG TIME. Otherwise, I find Caltrops on shielding elites enough.