Demon Hunter Build

Here is another post SS nerf Demon Hunter build submitted by arc4random.

I'm using a Sharpshooter build that focuses on Impale + Grievous Wound that requires the slowest, beefiest 2-handed crossbow you can get with as much cirtical hit damage as possible. The concept is to build your critical hit chance while kiting and inflict massive damage in a single hit. I'm currently critting for about 100k damage on Inferno Act I.

The rationale behind the rest of the skills is as follows:
  • Evasive Fire - This skill has multiple benefits when runed with Covering Fire - it hits three targets at a time instantly and can reach targets behind narrow walls. The backflip portion will save you from a lot of unnecessary damage if you use this skill on your first mouse button - i.e. you are clicking into some dark corner where some mobs are hiding and you will automatically backflip away. 
  • Also with the Tactical Advantage passive you will have increased speed for 2 seconds after each backflip, so don't get caught chain-backflipping, but use that advantage to move away.
  • Smoke Screen - Still required for getting out of jailers.
  • Vault - This escape skill is cheaper than Smoke Screen and is excellent for flipping out of wallers or flipping into bunch of health orbs. The Vengeance passive complements the latter tactic by replenishing your discipline.
Preparation runed with a 60% heal - very solid skill that almost doubles your survivability.

Companion Bat for hate regen - it's hard to build hatered with the sowest possible weapon - you will need this.

Once again, if anyone has some more build ideas for post SS nerf, I would love to hear them.