Diablo III Witch Doctor Spotlight Video

"He may look unimposing but underestimate the Witch Doctor at your own risk. With a bag full of tricks and powerful magic, this righteous shaman can not only cripple his enemies' bodies but their minds. Watch this spotlight video then tell us what you think about this class!"

To the umbaru, their mortal duration is but a pale shadow of the Unformed Land, a testing ground for those wishing to ascend to the higher plane. And only the witch doctors are able to look upon the Mbwiru Eikura, through mastery of potent herbs, bloody rituals, and an intense focus known as the Ghost Trance. Their combined spiritual and military acumen has earned the witch doctors a place of status and reverence amongst the tribes. Theirs is a calling that requires an incredible degree of courage, self-sacrifice, wisdom, and foresight.