Diablo 3 Paladin, maybe?

2012 Edit: Obviously there is no Paladin in Diablo 3...yet. Maybe some day Blizzard will add one though!

On the official Blizzard site, in cains journal, there are many concept art pictures. One of them was this one, that is seen on the left of this post (click the picture to see the full image). Now, is it me, or does this look like a Paladin?

On page 13 of Cain's Journal which can be found here: Deckard Cains Journal, there is a knight which is dual wielding two swords. This makes me think that there is a Paladin in Diablo 3 and that he or she will be able to dual wield weapons, unlike in Diablo 2.

As we can see from the concept image, it does not look that similar to the Barbarian:

Which leads me to think that this has to be a Paladin in Diablo 2 that can dual wield.