Diablo 3 Skills

Furious Charge

Rank 1/1

Charge Directly at an enemy, smashing everything in the way.

Current Level: 1


Primary Damage: 110%

Scondary Damage: 100%

Range: 85 Feet

Hammer of the Ancients

Rank 4/5

A massive attack that has increased chance to critically hit.

Stamina: 16

Deals 225% weapon damage plus an additional 14 physical damage

+25% chance to critical hit


Rank 1/20

Swirl in a cyclone, delivering attacks to everything in his path

Current Level: 1

Fury: 1

Hits for 25% of weapon damage

Next Level: 2

Fury: 1

Hits for 30% of weapon damage

Here is a list of KNOWN and confirmed Witch Doctor skills


Rank 3/5

A spectral mask that horrifies all enemies in proximity, causing them to run in fear.

Mana Cost: 10

Radius: 20

Fear Duration: 1-2 seconds

Mask Duration: 5

Wall of Zombies

Rank 4/5

Zombies erupt from the earth to attack your enemies

Current Level: 4

Zombies attack for 15 damage.

Next Level: 5

Zombies attack for 15 damage.